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Tex-R® Agroliner 15 Gallon Grow Bags (5 Bags)

Tex-R® SpinOut® coated Agroliner 15 Gallon Grow Bags. SpinOut coated Agroliner Grow Bags provide benefits beyond common geo textile / Fabric Grow bags with a combination of SpinOut and Air root pruning. Agroliners are used in above and below ground applications to include: Tree, Shrub and Specialty plant growing, Bags may be inverted with the SpinOut coating facing out to prevent invasive roots in landscape perennial planting applications (Hostas), Bags are used in Hydroponic plant growing methods to control and enhance roots, Call or e-mail for more information and applications. The SpinOut coating enhances roots by 100x and protects from fungus and disease as a barrier coating. A true 15 gallon volume bag measuring 17.5"dia. x 15 3/4" tall when filled. Sold in lots of 5 Bags
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