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Plantopia 12" Hanging Basket- 2 Basket Sample Pack

Plantopia 12\" Hanging Basket-  2 Basket Sample Pack
Plantopia 12" Hanging Basket- 2 Basket Sample Pack - The 12" Plantopia Hanging basket is a new design from Europe and becoming very popular in the states. It's designed of high quality injection molded plastic, with 6 snap-on plastic inserts to accommodate planting on the sides of the basket. Simply snap the pocket insert out, place your plant, fill with soil mix, and repeat. Properly planted - you see a large mound of flowers from all angles, not the basket. The heavy plastic design ensures years of re-use. Each basket is shipped with the necessary number of plastic inserts . You will be amazed how fast these baskets will fill-in. Great for growing herbs and vegetables. Available in Black Only. 2-12" Baskets
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