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HydroSwitch Capilary Watering Mat 4'x25'

HydroSwitch Capilary Watering Mat  4\'x25\'
The Indoor HydroSwitch Capillary watering mat was designed for indoor or greenhouse use where foot or equipment traffic is not an issue. The Texel HydroSwitch has been developed and refined over many years of University and greenhouse testing. It provides the most efficient and economical means of capillary mat sub-surface water management into a real competitive advantage. Versatile HydroSwitch can be used both in greenhouses and outdoors, for practically all types of ornamental and forestry nursery cultivation. For use with sprinkler systems HydroSwitch proves to be a solution that offers many advantages. To install, simply prepare land as you would for conventional methods. The HydroSwitch mat is then laid on a polythene layer and anchored to the ground. When used with sprinklers or manual watering, HydroSwitch makes it possible to: recuperate water and soluble fertilizers that fall uselessly between pots, to feed seedlings and considerably reduce waste. naturally disperse and distribute water absorbed in zones not irrigated by the sprinklers, notably due to wind. Call for other sizes.
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